The Distillery – The Fort

We almost cancelled drinks because it was raining too hard, but when it finally died down a bit, we decided to hit The Distillery. Precisely because of the rain, we were lucky enough to have tables in the small bar (only 1 long table with bar stools on the 1st floor & about 3 small tables and 2 bigger tables on the 2nd floor). In the past we usually get tables by arriving at 4:30pm before the Fort crowd manages to get out of work!

We buy beers off the fridge on the 1st floor & have the bar on the 2nd keep them cold until we're ready to drink them so we don't have to go down after every drink.

The Fort as a gimmick (pinoy slang for a planned/unplanned night out) place is not very successful when it is rainy because only open parking spaces are available and you’ll have to walk through mud and get soaked to get to the resto/bar/club from your car.

Lately I’ve been trying different kinds of beer.  Besides there was just two of us that night and it would not have been cost-efficient to buy a bottle of vodka or scotch. When we go to Distillery as a group we usually buy bottles since they sell it at retail price. Last time I was here a year ago a Johnny Walker Black (1 Liter) was Php 1200. They don’t sell food at all though, but they allow you to order for delivery.


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